FoxDNS is Your Secure DNS!

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Stop Advertising!
Stop Pornography!
Stop Malware!
Protect your device!

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is an address book for the internet where the digital "home" address is shown for each site. Each time you go to a webpage, the browser looks for its address in the DNS system. The faster the nearest DNS server to you works, the faster the site opens.

What is secure DNS?

The services of safe and secure DNS-servers provide the basic web protection and parental control that filters out and blocks unsafe, malicious and undesirable websites on the first border of the access to the Internet.

What is secure FoxDNS?

FoxDNS is a free service to protect against advertising, pornography, viruses and fraudulent websites.
Our DNS is created on the base of the experience of the majority of known similar services, so our defense is more perfect and is the most comprehensive. This means that now you do not need to choose which secure DNS to use, just select FoxDNS and you will get the maximum protection!

How to use secure FoxDNS?

It's absolutely free!
Enter the address of our DNS on your device (router, computer, netbook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and enjoy the friendly Internet.
Security (without scam sites and viruses):
Security + Anti-Pornography:
Security + Anti-Advertising:
Security + Anti-Pornography + Anti-Advertising:

You can always refer to the instructions if you are having any difficulties.